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Do Gums Grow Back After Laser Gum Contouring

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Have you ever thought about getting laser gum reshaping? Are you a fan of trying out new treatments and giving it a go with something different when it comes to your teeth? In case you’ve never heard of it, this is your lucky day since here we will answer all of your questions regarding it. The truth is that this is a permanent procedure, which means that you have to be extra careful before giving it a go. If you wish to know more about it and if you’re the right candidate or not for the treatment, keep on reading! Here, we will answer your questions and help you figure out what are the pros and cons of it. See for yourself down below.

What is Laser Gum Contouring?

It may sound like a scary procedure, but it actually isn’t. The gums are sliced into the desired shape during this treatment.

If more of the teeth are covered with gingiva, a gummy smile may be less noticeable. Have you ever had gingiva? If so, it can be beneficial to give this treatment a go since the gum line recedes or the tooth’s root area is visible.

Carving the gingiva involves a number of techniques used by specialists and some of the best dentists. This process is routine for most people.

Are the Process and Its Results Permanent?

Nowadays technology has been moving so fast and we’ve experienced a ton of breakthroughs. The development of laser dentistry, on the other hand, is more recent. Not everyone knows of all the treatments that your dentist might be able to offer. So for instance, this is one of them.

A laser will burn the gingiva with the proper amount of heat.

This is how a specialist shapes the gingiva without the use of stitches.

Following surgery, the doctor would administer painkillers to the patients.

Since it is permanent, any excess gum tissue that is removed to reposition the gum line and reveal more of the teeth will not grow back. This shouldn’t sound too scary since when done the right way, you won’t be able to tell a thing!

How Does the Procedure Work?

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It involves extensive dental work, to begin with. For the greatest possible patient experience, local anesthesia is advised to be used during laser gum contouring. A small sedative can also be given to you if you’re anxious about the procedure to help you relax.

Laser gum contouring allows you to view more of your teeth by removing excess gum tissue.

During crown lengthening, gum tissue that was removed will not regrow.

Gum reshaping can repair damage caused by gum recession.

By attaching gum tissue to the teeth, this surgery aims to improve the appearance of the gum line.

To stop gum recession, wash your teeth twice daily and visit the dentist every six months.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring?

The use of a laser for gum sculpting, like many other technological advancements in dentistry, has various advantages. Patients may benefit from laser gum treatments in the following ways:

  • Offer a method that causes the least amount of discomfort
  • Not as much discomfort as with some other treatments
  • Fewer surgical incisions and stitches are required
  • Reduced time needed for healing and recovery
  • Reduce swelling and bruising
  • Decreased risk of infection after therapy

How to Maintain Your Gum Health Afterward?

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A gummy grin is typically caused by heredity, gum inflammation, drug-induced gum tissue swelling, or tooth movement (such as that due to orthodontics). If you want to prolong your results and its effectiveness, make sure that you:

Brush your teeth at least twice daily using an electric or soft-bristle toothbrush

At least once a day, floss your teeth, making sure to reach all the way under the gum line to remove plaque and dangerous bacteria.

Avoid chewing on things like ice, pencils, or your fingernails.

A doctor may also suggest that you sleep with a safeguard to protect your teeth & gums

Does the Process Hurt?

Pain is such a subjective feeling, and it truly varies from person to person. You’ll receive a local anesthetic prior to the procedure.

The dentist might work on your mouth using this without making you feel uncomfortable.

But after a few hours, the numbing effect disappears, and the discomfort can grow worse or last longer.

Gum bleeding is typical over the initial several days, but it shouldn’t hurt.

You will need to take at least one day off from work after the procedure.

For any future discomfort, ibuprofen works well as a pain reliever.

You might have sensitivity and swelling after surgery, but these side effects will eventually go away. There is a minor chance of infection, but with the right doctor/dentist you won’t have fear of any bad happening.

Who is the Best Candidate for It?

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Gum smile reduction is fantastic for people who are dissatisfied with the way their gums and teeth look. Does this sound like you?

If your gums protrude excessively or make your teeth appear short or undersized, gummy smile reduction may be able to help you get the smile you want.

This procedure might be appropriate for you if you maintain good oral hygiene and have healthy gums and teeth, yet you want that boost.

This surgery can only be carried out successfully if there are no dental issues present beforehand.

Ready to Give It a Go and Have the Best Smile?

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