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LeBron James Fires Off and Then Deletes Tweet to Lakers Haters About New Lineup

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The Los Angeles Lakers launched their preseason with a 91-85 victory over the Houston Rockets.

After the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in a close game on Sunday, LeBron James decided to fire off a tweet at the fans who were slating the team.

After being passed over for his preferred starting lineup, Golden State Warriors star Lebron James decided to fire back at Lakers fans. However, instead of tweeting support for the Lakers’ newest additions, James replied to a fan who questioned why the Lakers still haven’t added former Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving.. Read more about nba news and let us know what you think.

On Wednesday, August 4, LeBron James was pumped up.

James was irritated that the media and people on social media were dragging him and his new Los Angeles Lakers colleagues for their ages.

The Lakers just signed Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza, and Carmelo Anthony, as well as acquiring Russell Westbrook in a deal with the Washington Wizards.

The Lakers have now become the NBA’s oldest team as a result of their signings.

The criticism did not sit well with King James

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LeBron James is accustomed to being chastised in the media and by fans throughout the league for a variety of reasons, including the number of clubs he has played for, his inability to stay healthy on the floor, and comparisons to Michael Jordan.

He seems to take much of it in stride, but when it comes to his colleagues, King James draws a line.

He’d heard the rumors that this Lakers team was too old, so he took to Twitter on Aug. 4 to respond: “Keep talking about my squad, our people ages, the way he plays, he says hurt, we’re beyond our time in this league, etc etc etc, “Do me one favor PLEASE!!!!” Please, please, please!!! When it starts, keep the same narrative ENERGY! Thank you. That is all I ask.”

James has since removed the tweet, but he was obviously fed up with haters calling the Lakers ancient and felt compelled to react.

Is it too late for the Lakers to win a championship?

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The Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James controls the ball during Game 5 of their Western Conference first-round playoff series against the Phoenix Suns | Getty Images/Christian Petersen

In Los Angeles, age may be only a number, but might it make a difference in the Lakers’ quest for another NBA title?

Three of Michael Jordan’s six titles occurred when he was a member of one of the NBA’s oldest championship teams. Jordan’s previous championship-winning team, the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, had an average weighted age of 32, and Jordan was 35 at the time. According to SB Nation, the current Lakers roster has an average (non-weighted) age of 32.4.

Most of Tim Duncan’s championship teams in San Antonio were also older. In fact, when the Spurs won their previous championship in 2013-14, he was 38 years old and the team’s oldest player.

Age will be less important than one’s health

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Next year’s Lakers’ ages are as follows:

37 Melo Gasol: 36 Bron: 36 Ariza is 36 years old. Dwight is 35 years old. Ellington is 33 years old. 32 Bazemore Russ: 32 AD: 28 Russ: 32 AD: 28 Russ: 32 AD: Nunn is 26 years old. THT: 20 photo Monk: 23 twitter.com/lEgkQcUeoM

August 3, 2024 — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport)

This new Lakers squad will not have to worry about their lack of experience, since they have enough of it.

The primary source of worry may be James’ and Anthony Davis’ injuries and health. The former missed part of the regular season in 2024-21 due to an ankle injury that almost kept him out of the playoffs, while the latter missed the majority of the postseason in 2024 due to a groin ailment.

The Lakers’ health, not their age, will determine if they can win a championship. When both Davis and James were sidelined, it was obvious that the Lakers suffered, as any team would without its two greatest players. Just take a look at the Brooklyn Nets.

Despite the fact that detractors mock the Lakers’ age, older teams can and have won championships.

If fans and detractors alike have any remaining questions, they should contact Michael Jordan.

Kyle Kuzma slams LeBron James on his way out the door in Los Angeles, claiming Kobe Bryant is the GOAT.

In the middle of a torn ACL rehabilitation for his right knee, Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star forward LeBron James got flamed on Twitter by a group of his own fans about a possible new lineup. LeBron James fired off a tweet on Monday, thanking Lakers fans for their thoughts and ideas about what could be the best starting lineup for the Lakers next season.

Many of his fans replied to his tweet with positive comments, stating that the Lakers should make a trade for Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Jimmy Butler.. Read more about lakers nation and let us know what you think.

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