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Top 10 Keto Buys At Sprouts

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With the keto diet in full swing, you can now find a wide range of groceries at your local Sprouts to help you get into ketosis. So, what are the best keto foods to buy at Sprouts? Find out with this list of keto-friendly products at Sprouts to help you get into ketosis and stay there.

So you want to start a ketogenic diet? You’re in luck! Getting started on the ketogenic diet doesn’t have to be hard. Just pick up these keto-friendly food items from Sprouts, and start eating right away!

The ketogenic diet is considered to be one of the healthiest and most effective weight loss programs available to people today. Be it for weight loss or the control of diabetes, the ketogenic diet has been proven to be one of the most effective diets for weight loss.

This diet is also known as the keto diet, and it is a very low carb diet that consists of a high amount of protein and fat. The recommended keto diet has a daily carb intake of less than 50 grams, and the main sources of carbs are vegetables..

Read more about keto at sprouts market and let us know what you think. Get ready for our Sprouts Top 10 Keto Buys. We don’t frequent Sprouts because it is a specialty goods store, and we prefer to buy staple things in bulk at Costco. Sprouts is a favorite of ours because of its keto “junk food” selections.

They provide keto bars, chips, and other snacks that are excellent substitutes for harmful junk food. We’ll also inform you which keto frauds to avoid and which goods aren’t on our top 10 keto buys list, as usual. Let’s get this party started!

Sprouts has the best keto options.

1. Yogurt on a Keto Diet

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There are a handful of options at Sprouts if you don’t feel like creating our own keto yogurt recipe. Kite Hill’s yogurt is made with almond milk, so it’s dairy-free and has only 1 gram of carbs per serving. You can also try White Mountain’s low-carb yogurt, which has only 5g of carbs per serving.


Meat Sticks No. 2

We love the ease and tastiness of packaged meats, but we still like to look for good ingredients and limit our intake of nitrates and fillers. At Sprouts, we like to buy Nick’s Sticks – the spicy flavor! These brand’s proudly make products containing only good ingredients and keto-friendly macros.



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Maple Syrup (#3)

Walden Farms maple syrup is usually on hand in our house. We don’t eat it every day, but it’s delicious on waffles, in mug cakes, and in several of our maple dessert dishes. Try our Cinnamon Keto Granola and Maple Macadamia Nut Cookies!


4. Keto Baking Ingredients

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One of the simplest ways to ease into the keto diet is to make keto versions of your favorite baked products, so instead of bingeing on a tin of cookies, you can create your own batch of sugar-free, low-carb treats.

Come to Sprouts for great savings on coconut flour, almond flour, erythritol, and keto chocolate chips! All of the greatest keto baking brands are available at reasonable costs.


Salad Dressings, No. 5

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To avoid processed vegetable oils, we only buy salad dressings made with avocado oil or coconut oil. We prefer to hunt for offers at Sprouts because these high-quality salad dressings are on the pricey side. Primal Kitchen and Chosen Foods are two of our favorite brands, and Sprouts has both!


6. Chips with Low Carbohydrate

In our house, Quest Chips have become a new favorite. When we’re hungry, we like to eat a salty, crunchy snack at the movies or after a few drinks! Quest chips can be found at Sprouts and go well with any of our keto dip recipes.


7. Bacon Crumbles

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Bacon bits go well in a keto salad or as a topping for loaded mashed cauliflower. Epic is our favorite brand of bacon bits because they employ high-quality ingredients and grass-fed meats in addition to tasting great.

Sprouts has a bag for you! The chicken Bits are our favorite!


8. Chocolate Bars That Are Keto-Friendly

You don’t have to give up delectable chocolate when you start a keto diet, thanks to keto-friendly chocolate bars from Lily’s and Eating Evolved

. Lily’s uses natural sweeteners like stevia and erythritol to sweeten its bars, which come in a variety of tastes like Milk Chocolate, Salted Almonds, and Dark Chocolate. Get your keto delight at Sprouts or create our keto chocolate bar at home!


Zevia Soda (number 9)

On a keto diet, you may enjoy some sweet, bubbly soda without all the sugar. Zevia products are stevia-sweetened, zero-calorie, and free of artificial coloring. All of Zevia’s top products, including their energy drinks and mixers, are available at Sprouts. Here are a few Zevia recipes to try!


Bacon and sausage with no added sugar

Many packaged meat products may be carb-free, but they may include trace amounts of sugar and other additives. Some of our favorite bacon and sausage brands, such as Pederson’s Natural Farms spicy sausage, were available at Sprouts. Always check the ingredient list to make sure you know exactly what’s in your food.


Top Five Sprouts Products to Avoid

Coconut water is high in sugar

Although coconut water is advertised as having a high level of electrolytes, it is actually highly heavy in sugar! Electrolytes can also be found in supplements and foods such as sea salt, leafy greens, avocados, and almonds.


2. Quest Cookies – Disappointing

Quest Cookies have a low net carb count, but they aren’t tasty! (At least, that’s what we think.) Spend your money on No Cow Cookies, which are even more keto-friendly. They’re low in carbs and high in fat, and they’re also delicious.


3. Don’t Be Misled by Cauliflower Products

Cauliflower can be added to items and listed on the front label to make them appear low-carb, but you must study the ingredients to be sure. At Sprouts, the Caulipower brand sells a variety of items, including baking mix and pizza crust, both of which are high in carbs and flours.


4. Protein Bars with Low Carbs – Maltitol should be avoided.

Maltitol and IMO fiber, both of which are “zero carb,” still boost blood sugar levels in many low-carb protein bars. For additional information on these components, watch our Sweetener Testing video. Avoid ONE Bars, thinkThin Bars, and No Cow Bars in particular. (Keto-friendly No Cow Cookies are acceptable, but the bars include IMO fiber.) A Quest Bar is your best bet!


5. XCT Oil Bulletproof

You’ve definitely heard of MCT oil and how it gives a quick source of energy, with C8 and C10 being the fastest absorbing MCTs. It’s crucial to look for brands that specify how much of either (C8 or C10) you’ll get per serving on the label. The Bulletproof brand sells an XCT Oil that is a C8 and C10 blend, but it doesn’t specify how much of each MCT you’ll get. Look for labeling that is transparent!


In conclusion

Because Sprouts is a specialized foods store, we recommend stocking up on staples at Costco or your local grocery store to save money. Having saying that, Sprouts still provides some fantastic keto options! We’ve also included a list of five things to avoid at Sprouts!

  • 1. Yogurt on a Keto Diet
  • Meat Sticks No. 2
  • Maple Syrup (#3)
  • 4. Keto Baking Ingredients
  • Salad Dressings, No. 5
  • 6. Chips with Low Carbohydrate
  • 7. Bacon Crumbles
  • 8. Chocolate Bars That Are Keto-Friendly
  • Zevia Soda (number 9)
  • Bacon and sausage with no added sugar

Tell us about your favorite Sprouts purchases! For additional ideas and keto buying suggestions, check out our other supermarket hauls.


Sprouts is a natural and organic grocery store that offers a wide variety of options for people looking to improve their health. There are tons of different foods at Sprouts, from fresh fruits and vegetables to healthy snacks and meals, and the store is continuously expanding their offerings to meet the demands of customers.. Read more about bean sprouts keto and let us know what you think.