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All Auto Shop Locations and How to Buy Them

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If you’re looking to buy your next car, you may have questions about buying a car, which auto shop to pick, and where to get the best prices. Below, we’ve identified the best auto shops in each state and region.

When it comes to buying car parts, you have many options. You can visit a dealership or have your vehicle serviced at a garage, or you can do it yourself. If you do it yourself, you can get even more discounts on your auto parts. There are a few basic things you need to know about buying auto parts including what types of auto parts to buy, how to find the right auto parts, and where to buy them.

Here we are today, the internet, and everybody knows about the top car shops in Nashville and how to find them. But if you’ve never heard of a place before, you may be intimidated by the process of finding a local auto shop.

But it’s actually not so difficult, and there are many ways to do this. We’ll start with the most straightforward way, since it’s the way I like to do it. Players may now buy auto shops as one of the city’s business choices, thanks to the introduction of the Los Santos Tuners update in GTA Online.

There are now five car businesses that can be modified, but not for free. This guide will show you where all of the auto shops are in Grand Theft Auto Online. You’ll have access to commercial opportunities including legal car repair, vehicle modification, new heist contracts, and exotic exports after you own an auto shop.

All Auto Shop Locations in GTA Online


Mission Row is a GTA Online Auto Shop

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The first car shop in Los Santos is situated in the city’s downtown area. It’s directly across the street from the Mission Row Police Station and Impound Garage.

This implies that, unless you attempt to do anything criminal yourself, the place is secure enough owing to continuous police supervision.

Because the number of companies in the region is so large, you should have no trouble finding new customers for your auto repair services.

Strawberry in the GTA Online Auto Shop

In South Los Santos, you may buy this ancient industrial-style auto business. The Families street gang controls the neighborhood, implying a particular kind of customer you’ll encounter while working there. If you want to deal with this group, purchasing this house is a smart investment.

Rancho’s Online Auto Shop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

For two reasons, the Rancho auto shop in South Los Santos is a wonderful location to visit. It is the nearest site to the Los Santos Car Meet, ensuring a large number of attendees. It’s also in the area of the Vagos gang, which is known for buying illicit weapons.

Burton’s GTA Online Auto Shop

This car business is located between Rockford Plaza and Los Santos Customs in the Rockford Hills neighborhood.

But, perhaps most significantly, it is near to Carcer Way, which is not only a favorite option for many GTA Online players, but also one of the game’s most hazardous locations.

La Mesa, GTA Online Auto Shop

Finally, La Mesa, situated in East Los Santos, is the most costly and lucrative car business in GTA Online.

The region is bisected by the major highway, which is the single most important source of customers you’ll ever encounter.

How to Purchase Auto Shops in Grand Theft Auto Online

The Maze Bank Foreclosures website makes all five car businesses available for purchase. However, before they become accessible there, you must first complete the following steps:

  1. In La Mesa, Los Santos, go to the LS Car Meet facility on Popular Street.
  2. Mimi should be contacted.
  3. Accept the Impounded Car Setup task.

This assignment is only accessible to players that hold either the CEO, VIP, or MC Club president rank. You will not be able to buy the auto shops until you have this.

To complete the task, go to one of Los Santos’ four police stations and take the Obey Tailgater Sedan vehicle. The auto shops will become available for purchase after you bring the vehicle to the LSCM headquarters.

How to Open a Custom Auto Shop in Grand Theft Auto Online

Auto shops, like every other purchaseable property in GTA Online, may be personalized during the setup process. However, this opulence will come at a high price.

A full list of all custom auto shop choices, including pricing, can be seen below:

Option Price
Undressed Look $250,000
Style that is flawless $265,000
Polished Design $275,000
Style: Concrete Chic $285,000
Style: Nostalgia Trip $325,000
Styled after Route 68 $340,000
Chibi Style at its Finest $360,000
Unconventional Design $425,000
Styles of Race and Chase $450,000
Tint of Yellow $187,500
Tint: White $187,500
Tint: Black $187,500
Tint of green $187,500
Color: Orange $187,500
Red Tint $187,500
Pink Tint $187,500
Blue Tint $187,500
Purple Shade $187,500
Emblem of the Hot Rod $25,000
Emblem of the Crew $50,000
Emblem of America $62,000
Emblem of Europe $68,500
Emblem of Today $75,500
Emblem of Japan $85,000
Emblem with a Wild Style $94,500
Emblem of a Joystick $104,500
(Male/Female) Member of Staff $385,000
Private Quarters $340,000
Car Lift $650,000


That’s all there is to it when it comes to purchasing car businesses in the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update. Please visit our dedicated hub page for more GTA Online tips and tricks articles.

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