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How to Fix iTunes Error 9039 Unknown Error [Working Methods]

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This error message is not really a problem, but a part of the iTunes software. It is a warning about files that have been changed on your computer or other problems that it detects, which means that you will not lose any content. What it is really saying is that iTunes is trying to replace those files with the original ones that were created by Apple.

Users of iTunes can encounter a number of issues that can disrupt their experience, including error messages. The iTunes error 9039 is an intermittent problem that can cause iTunes to stop working. This article will provide a solution to help fix the error and get your iTunes back working.

Cause: iTunes Error 9039 (Unknown Error) iTunes Error 9039 (Unknown Error) can be caused by any number of issues that prevent iTunes from opening or functioning properly. The most common cause of this error is a bad iTunes installation. However, if you have recently upgraded to a new version of iTunes or installed an update to an older version, you may also be at risk. Other issues that may cause this error include:

If you’re having trouble with iTunes Error Code 9039 on your Mac or Windows device, you’ve come to the correct spot to learn how to fix it.

When Windows or Mac users try to connect an Airplay device to iTunes or upload songs to the Apple Music library, the iTunes error number 9039 usually displays. After the connection attempt fails, this error message displays. Take a look at your Apple Music collection if this doesn’t work.

iTunes is one of Apple’s most popular music and movie players, and it also allows you to manage many iOS devices from a single control panel. iTunes is ideal for music fans, since it allows them to listen to millions of songs in a variety of languages. Applicants may get unidentified warnings such as “iTunes Error 9039 Unknown Error” while using the iTunes utility on Mac or Windows.

Preview of iTunes Error 9039

When Mac or Windows users attempt to connect an AirPlay device to iTunes or upload music to their Apple Music library, the iTunes error number 9039 appears. This issue may be seen on Mac devices as well as Windows-based PCs and laptops. There are many approaches to resolving iTunes Error 9039. Here, we’ll show you a variety of options for resolving the iTunes Error 9039.

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What is the meaning of iTunes Error 9039?

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iTunes Error 9039 will appear when you try to download a music, use a utility, or sync your devices. This mistake is intended to alert you to the fact that your iTunes program contains anything unethical. When trying to connect an AirPlay device to iTunes or add a song to the Music collection, the error code appears. When you attempt to minimize it, it happens. As a result, you may restart your computer and attempt to access the advanced version of iTunes.

Various Solutions to iTunes Error 9039:

First, make a fix. Upgrade to the most recent version of iTunes:

When it comes to resolving a wide variety of error codes, this technique is very reliable. iTunes rapidly detects and updates the most recent versions of the program, therefore it’s advisable to check whether your iTunes is up to date and update it.

  • To begin, open the iTunes app and choose the “Help” option from the menu bar, then select the “Check for Updates” tab.
  • After clicking the “Version” button, iTunes will check for the newest update and immediately download it to your PC or laptop.
  • After that, turn off your computer for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

In iTunes, I’m looking for updates.

Fix number two. Delete all songs from the music library and update it:

Another option for resolving iTunes Error 9039 is to update your music library and erase all of your songs. You may easily remove songs and refresh your iTunes music collection by following the procedures shown below.

  • The first and most important step is to launch the iTunes application on your computer or laptop.
  • Now go to the menu section and choose the “File” option.
  • Then, choose “Library” and “Update iCloud Music Gallery” from the drop-down menu.
  • Wait two minutes for the process to finish before restarting your PC or laptop.
  • Check your iTunes again for the iTunes 9039 issue by playing a song or connecting an AirPlay device.

In iTunes, I’m deleting all of my songs.

3. Make a change. Delete the iTunes App and reinstall it:

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  • Hold the Windows Key + S together and press it on your PC or laptop to access the “Control Panel” option.
  • Then, choose the “Open” tab to see the “Control Panel” option.
  • Now, go to the “Control Panel” tab and click the “Uninstall a Program” button.
  • You must look for iTunes among the applications that have been downloaded to your computer or laptop.
  • Finally, right-click on “iTunes” and choose “Uninstall” to remove the application from your computer.
  • After you’ve deleted iTunes, go to Apple’s official website and download the most recent iTunes version.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the iTunes App

#4 should be fixed. Re-enter your iTunes App Account Information:

To fix any errors caused by this kind of source, you must first log out of your iTunes app and then log back in using the instructions below.

  • To begin, go to your PC or laptop’s Desktop and launch the iTunes program.
  • Press the “Account” option at the top of the navigation bar in the iTunes app, then choose the “Log-Out” item.
  • Finally, go back to the “Accounts” menu and choose the “Log-In” tab for your account, filling in the information.

#5 has to be addressed. Close any active security software or apps:

Every gadget need a security program or software. It keeps your PC, laptop, or phone safe against bugs and viruses transmitted via damaged files, emails, downloads, and applications. If you want to uninstall any active security software, follow the steps outlined below.

  • To begin, choose the “Exit” or “Close” option.
  • Then, on your PC, laptop, or phone, start the security program you loaded.
  • To remove the program, click the “Deactivate” tab.
  • Finally, go to the iTunes store and reinstall the program.
  • The iTunes Error 9039 will be resolved using this technique.

#6 has to be addressed. Consider using third-party software:

  • After installing the third-party program, connect your device to your computer and choose the “Fix All iTunes Issues” option.
  • You’ll also get a notice if your iTunes is corrupted or has a problem or error. Then click the “Repair iTunes” button to install the drives that will help you fix the iTunes problem.
  • The program will next download the repair disk and begin repairing iTunes.
  • After the drives have been repaired, the program will display a notice stating that iTunes has been successfully repaired, and it will restart the iTunes app.

#7 has to be addressed. Authenticate Your Computer or Laptop:

  • Allowing your PC or laptop to grant access and licensing to your iTunes library may help you resolve this issue.
  • To launch the iTunes app, press the “Menu” button and choose the “Account” option from the “Menu” area.
  • Then choose the “Authorizations” option from inside the “Account” option.
  • Finally, click “Authorize this PC or Laptop” to begin the process.

Authorizing Your Computer Or Laptop To Use iTunes

#8 has to be addressed. Repair iTunes Security Permissions:

Permissions for security are crucial in iTunes. If you don’t use the appropriate and suitable security permissions, you may receive a lot of problems with iTunes.

You should verify read and write permissions in iTunes to prevent problems related to this issue. To resolve this problem, please follow the instructions below.

  • The first step is to open the finder and go to the iTunes folder, then choose obtain details; alternatively, you may go straight to the music.
  • After then, a screen displays with a lock check box; ensure that the lock is checked.
  • Finally, make sure your account has read/write access, and if it doesn’t, update the settings.
  • After you’ve done all of the required adjustments, save your work.

#9 should be fixed. To clear the cache, follow these steps.

If any kind of iTunes problem arises, such as iTunes error 9039 or 11571, clearing the cache will remove any temporary files related to iTunes, allowing it to function properly.

To clear your cache in iTunes, carefully follow the instructions below.

  • The first step is to go to the edit menu and look for preferences.
  • The advanced option may be found in the preferences; be sure you choose it.
  • You may notice on the screen reset iTunes store cache and select it under the advanced option.

In iTunes, clear the cache.

By clicking on it, all of the cache in your iTunes may be cleared, preventing the iTunes issue and allowing iTunes to function normally.

What Is iTunes Error 50 and How Do I Fix It?

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This kind of iTunes problem appears on your screen while your iTunes database is connecting to your server and you notice error 50. The primary causes of Error 50 are as follows:

  1. There is an issue with the network.
  2. Configure the firewall.
  3. Antivirus protection is available.
  4. iTunes has been corrupted.

How Do I Resolve iTunes Error 50?

There are a few options for resolving this iTunes issue, which are shown below. To correct this mistake, follow the steps below.

  • Re-establish a connection between your iOS device and the computer.
  • iTunes should be reinstalled.
  • Examine your firewall and anti-virus settings.
  • Delete everything from the downloads folder.
  • Examine the SIM card.
  • Make use of the iTunes repair tool.
  • Your computer’s registry should be cleaned up.


  1. What is the meaning of the iTunes error 9039 on a Mac?

When Windows or Mac users try to connect an Airplay device to iTunes or upload songs to the Apple Music library, the iTunes error number 9039 usually displays.

  1. What does the error “unknown” mean?

The unknown element error is a WebDriver error that happens when the driver encounters an unidentified problem while executing a command.

  1. What does an iTunes error mean?

These problems typically signal a problem with iTunes’ connection with Apple’s update server.

Final Thoughts:

Apple customers are reporting that they are seeing an error message that reads: iTunes Unknown Error 9039. When a user is shopping in the iTunes store or adding songs to their Apple Music library, the error code appears. You may learn about the different ways for dealing with iTunes Error 9039 in this post. To solve the problem, you must try all of the procedures listed above. If none of the aforementioned methods are successful, the last alternative is to contact Apple.

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Most of us are familiar with the error code 9039, but what are we supposed to do when it shows up? The error code 9039 is often accompanied by a message that reads “iTunes cannot verify the signature of the library ‘iTunesMusic’. This library is damaged and cannot be opened.” To fix this problem, the only things that work are the following: 1. Remove the device 2. Download the latest version of iTunes 3. Update the operating system to the latest version 4. Update the iTunes app 5. Update the device firmware (if the problem persists, a full reset of the device may be required). Read more about apple music error code -50 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Error 9039 on iTunes Mac?

Error 9039 is a generic error code that indicates that the iTunes library cannot be found. This could be because of a corrupt library, or it could be an issue with your computers permissions.

How do you fix we could not complete your iTunes store request an unknown error occurred?

The error code that you are receiving is a result of the iTunes store refusing to process your request due to the fact that you have exceeded your purchase limit.

How do you fix an unknown error on Apple ID?

You need to contact Apple Support.