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Electronauts VR Review

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If you haven’t heard of Electronauts yet, then you’re not alone. The only title of their games is their title and they don’t even have a website. It’s an open-world VR game that’s been in development for over four years but is only now coming out on the PlayStation 4, and for good reason: they’re one of the best VR developers out there.

When it comes to virtual reality, there are two main camps: those who think it’s a fad that will eventually fade, and those who think it’s the future. It’s no surprise that the latter group is getting ahead of themselves, because the technology is still relatively young. But there’s no denying that the VR industry is booming. And one of the most promising startups in the space is a small company called Electronauts.

Electronauts is an interactive virtual reality experience that gives you the opportunity to grab hold of a starship and battle enemies in a galaxy far, far away. It’s an almost simulator-like experience, with a heavy focus on combat, exploration and resource management.

It’s been months since the first wave of consumer virtual reality headsets hit the market, and the market has grown enough for more of us to try it out. But how does it stack up against regular video games? As I continue to lead our Oculus Rift review, I thought I’d look at some of the best “inner grooves” experiences available.

I’m in my early 30s and have been interested in virtual reality since the Oculus DK1 and DK2 were released. I’ve done a variety of virtual reality experiences and met a lot of folks that are interested in the technology. The majority of my experiences have been brief. I’ve written about ‘Electronauts’ and ‘The Lab’ (Vimeo’s VR arcade) in recent months.

I’ve also written on Google Earth VR (Google), Vimeo’s VR arcade, and Space Pirate Trainer (Space Pirate Trainer) (Steam). I’ve experimented with numerous headsets and written about various input systems. I have made a quick video showing how to utilize the Leap Motion with the Oculus Rift.

We hadn’t done a VR demo in a while, so the Electronauts VR Review was in desperate need of some attention. This virtual reality experience allows you to explore the world of Electronauts, a fantastical universe in which everything is formed of light. A picture-modeling app, a 360-degree VR photo app, and a fun VR treasure hunt are among the exciting surprises in store for you. Learn more about VR games for the Oculus Rift and share your thoughts with us.

Electronauts is a game, an experience, and a tool that stands at a fascinating crossroads. Your experience with Electronauts will vary depending on what you wish to achieve. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find a whole new and easily accessible way to express your inner rhythm.

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Website of the Organization

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Oculus Store (Rift), SteamVR (Vive, Rift), and PlayStation VR are all available from Survios. This evaluation was conducted using the HTC Vive.


Electronauts is a virtual reality DJ tool that has been intelligently developed to be accessible to people who have never DJed before. Each song in the game (over 40 at launch, encompassing a wide range of EDM sub-genres) is effectively a custom-built music kit, complete with background tracks, freestyle instruments,’sound grenades’ (for one-off percussion), and vocal parts (for some songs).

Layering voices and loops, as well as performing on the freestyle instruments, are essential skills. Backing tracks are labeled appropriately, such as Intro, Build, Drop, Break, Deep, and Outro. Although the tools you’re provided appear simple, they’re actually quite complicated. But that’ll come later. For the time being, here’s a quick recap of the tools that will help you understand the rest of this review:

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Now, if Electronauts just threw everything at me, I’d make a complete mess of myself, especially considering I came in knowing next to nothing about DJing. Fortunately, the game goes to tremendous efforts behind the scenes to make sure everything you do sounds excellent.

This is largely due to Survios’ underlying technology, the ‘Music Reality Engine,’ which keeps all aspects of the game’s music in sync and in tune. In addition to keeping all of the background tracks and stems on beat, freestyle instruments move your notes to keep them in time (also called quantization).

Thanks to the Music Reality Engine and a short lesson built into the game, it didn’t take long for me to grasp what I could do with the tools in front of me, and I began putting together pleasing sequences that had me grooving to the beat. After getting a feel for the fundamentals and being able to properly control the flow of a song, I began to see the additional depth lurking beneath the surface.

While the freestyle instruments (usually in the shape of spheres) are entertaining to play with, you can also hold down a button to record each time you strike the instrument, thereby recording a small sample that will be replayed. You can jump between verses and even individual lines when singing, giving you a lot of control over how your song’s vocals are delivered.

Individual background instruments can be muted to create a distinct flavor, or the entire recording can be muted at once to emphasize a particular area of the vocals or an instrument solo. The sound grenades (which you fling to make a noise) function as percussive exclamations, and any tool (instruments, voices, etc.) can be muted or unmuted at any time by pressing a shortcut button.

You’ll have even more influence over the sound and mood of each song once you learn all of the tools’ capabilities, and it’ll be enormously satisfying to properly plan and execute a flawless transition to a new section of the song, or to perform an appropriate freestyle solo. Finding a natural way to end a song can be a pleasurable undertaking that gives the music a sense of completion.

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Electronauts has a very approachable feel to it, but it also appears to be a good fit for live performances. This is aided not just by the powerful tools mentioned above, but also by a comprehensive set of in-game virtual camera controls that allow you to manipulate what other people see.

The default first-person perspective on your desktop is flattened, so viewers can see something other than your quick head movements. The game also includes a virtual selfie stick, an in-game camera, and a monitor, which you can freely position and have the resulting view show on your desktop. While you’re rocking out, an orbiting camera follows your Daft Punk-like avatar around. To top it off, visualizer controls let you modify the color and speed of the backdrop visualization.

Of course, you could pipe the output from your desktop monitor to a streaming service or even a projector if you wanted to perform in front of a live audience. You can modify all of the camera and visualizer settings on the fly as a DJ, allowing you to put on a spectacular show on your own.

Electronauts features two-player multiplayer if you don’t want to perform in front of an audience but know someone who does and has a VR headset (on Rift and Vive only). This places both of your avatars in the same room and gives them access to the same tools, allowing you to DJ on any track together. Both the Oculus Rift and SteamVR are supported by Electronauts.


Electronauts is a straightforward tool for simulating DJing in virtual reality, but it goes above and beyond by presenting everything in a themed packaging that’s equal parts Tron and Daft Punk.

Electronauts puts you in command of a futuristic spacecraft speeding across space (undoubtedly fueled by sick rhythms). When you start a new song, your ship takes off and ‘travels’ to the music. The transition between songs is flawless both audibly and visually as your spacecraft leaps into hyperspace before arriving at your next song destination.

This ‘spaceship’ metaphor is only a setting—Electronnauts has no story or goals—but it helps to tie the experience together into a cohesive whole that never makes you forget you’re wearing a VR headset.

That includes the tool’s user interface, which has a very functional design that keeps everything in easy reach while preventing things from becoming cluttered. Electronauts teaches interface concepts that extend beyond musical VR games, but that’s a discussion for another time.

Of course, your musical preferences will have a big impact on how much you enjoy Electronauts and how much you get into the beat. The game is fully based on electronic dance music (EDM), which includes a wide range of sub-genres.


There’s no need for artificial movement in Electronauts because you’re standing in one place, thus things will stay generally pleasant. Even after long sessions of an hour or more, I never felt dizzy or uncomfortable while playing the game, despite some full-screen movement (such as the visualizer backdrop that is always approaching you).

The tools created by Electronauts are well-designed and easy to use. They’re all turned on in simple, uncomplicated methods that don’t require any unnecessary or unpleasant hand motions or movements. Importantly, the interface keeps you looking forward rather than down, reducing neck discomfort from headphones (due to the front-heavy nature of VR headsets).

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We don’t know about you but we are extremely excited to get back into the brain-bending action of Electronauts. After placing last in our last review, we can’t wait to see what the new update has in store.. Read more about electronauts reddit and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need VR for Electronauts?

No, you can play Electronauts without a VR headset.

How many people can play Electronauts?

At the moment, we are not sure. We are still working on the game and will be able to provide a more accurate answer soon.

How much is Electronauts?

Electronauts is $19.99 on Steam.