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After trying to lose weight for years, the surprising thing I’ve found is that I’m not as big a fan of dieting as I once was. Sometimes I still feel that way, but more often I’m learning that there are other ways to get the weight off.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to be lean, but you don’t want to stress yourself out in the gym, I’ve got some tips that might be helpful.

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, so I figure I might take the time to share my thoughts on some weight-related topics. In this post, I will cover nine lessons that I’ve learned over the years about losing weight, and I’m sure there are lots of other lessons that I haven’t learned yet.

Frustrated? Do you get the feeling that “nothing is working”? Here are nine lessons learnt the hard way by actual individuals attempting to lose weight. You may be the greatest roadblock on your way.

Once upon a time, a PN Lean Eating Coaching customer expressed his dissatisfaction.

  • He began by recounting how he spent each minute of the day.
  • Then there’s the matter of how he ate.
  • Then there’s the way he worked out.
  • Then there’s the way he slept.

He voiced his dissatisfaction after all of this. His progress had slowed, and he couldn’t figure out what was preventing him from moving forward. He was in desperate need of answers, and he needed them immediately.

Fortunately, not only does our LE Coaching program have some incredible coaches, but it also has some incredible clients who are always ready to provide advice and support. And in the instance of the aforementioned customer, it was our clients who supplied 9 fantastic leanness lessons.

Here are the nine things I learnt on that particular day.

The first lesson is to smile for the camera.

Using images as a technique may be quite effective. While seeing week-to-week improvements in photos may take time, your bi-weekly appointment with your camera in revealing swimwear can completely transform your attitude toward accountability. Take it a step further and share photos with everyone, not just your coach/trainer.

Lesson 2: Nix is a liar.

You’re definitely consuming too much bad food if you speak about your “cheat meals” a lot. People who are intensely focused on cheat meals are usually those who are not yet comfortable with a full dietary overhaul. Get to a point in your life where “cheat meals” aren’t an option.

Customers have informed us that the concept of “cheating” (or the 10% rule) should be abandoned. “At a time when you’re trying to form long-term habits, consuming a lot of junk stuff on a daily basis is just plain blowing it, not to mention unhealthy,” one customer remarked.

People are triggered by certain meals and circumstances. Maybe it’s the concept of eating anything in any amount. Maybe it’s because you’re dining alone. Maybe it’s scrapple from Grandma. Whatever the trigger is, it puts them in a precarious situation.

Cheating may also have a negative impact on one’s attitude. It makes us believe that eating healthily is a chore and that the meals we want are the ones we really desire. As a result, successful clientele don’t consume junk food on a daily basis.

Why not get rid of any meal that isn’t helping you achieve your objectives and replace it with a healthier alternative?

It's harder to eat if it's not in your kitchen.

It’s more difficult to eat when it’s not in your kitchen.

Lesson 3: Take ownership of your actions.

Do you get irritated while you’re attempting to change your body? Good. It’s directed at you. Don’t yell at your coach or trainer. Coaches instruct you based on their own experiences. It is incorrect to say that “a plan” does not function. The strategy is generally successful. Maybe you aren’t following the plan. The common denominator is you.

As one customer put it,

“If you start eating less right now, you’ll be slimmer in 30 days. You’re not putting in enough effort. It’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate your objectives. Every week, I had to go further since nothing was occurring. It’s not simple for anybody, even me. Continue digging. It may take months for you to figure out what your body requires.”

Another customer said,

“I’m not an expert enough to tell you how to reduce your bodyfat percentage down to 12%, but I’m old enough and smart enough to know that improvement comes from making good decisions, surrounding yourself with positive people, and having a lot of trust. “Belief in yourself and the people you’ve placed in place to assist you.”

This is a true tale told by one of our clients:

“I began working with a dietitian, but her “advice” was ineffective. I became enraged and left for another. I followed her instructions, but I still continued to eat chocolate every day and drink beer once a week. What’s more, guess what? Her suggestions were also ineffective.

I went to my doctor hoping to find out whether I had thyroid issues or if I had low testosterone. Everything went well. Because I didn’t trust the doctor, I sought a second opinion. The findings are the same. I wasn’t working hard enough, according to the doctor. I informed them that he was incorrect.

It all came down to my lack of preparation and unwillingness to accept responsibility. I was pretending to be a victim. It was not my fault in the least. Everyone else was to blame, and they didn’t know what they were doing. I had to accept that it was my issue, and that the only way to solve it was to change my diet and exercise habits.”

It is up to us to hold ourselves responsible and accept responsibility.

Lesson 4: Every day, I eat 14 times.

People who have too much body fat eat excessively. We may break the plateau by reducing the amount of times we eat each day and boosting our appetite when we finish a meal.

Is it a pleasant experience? Nope.

However, reducing your daily calorie intake from six to four or five may have a significant impact on your health and appearance. When clients go through a fat-loss phase, they anticipate and recognize that they will be hungry for the most of the day. And getting into a deficit generally necessitates this.

Some individuals can stick to basic meal choices and nutritional timing for months or even years. However, they consume much too much. It’s time to become more conscious of hunger and portion sizes.

As one customer put it,

“I don’t know why I believed I could eat whenever I wanted and still lose weight… I’m not sure. At supper, I had 10 ounces of steak. Even in maintenance, that’s too much. I’m eating less now.”

Lesson 5: Don’t be a slacker.

Take a moment to consider your dietary choices. Are you choosy about what you spend your money on?

As one customer put it,

“I can’t tell you how much better I feel now that I’m not eating cheap meat. I now pay a greater price for better-quality meat and consume less of it. After eating fewer high-quality meals, I feel satiated. My veggie-to-meat ratio is about 3:1. We’re not talking about a 10 ounce steak with a tablespoon of vegetables and peas. Allow the meat to impart flavor to the vegetables.”

There are many high-quality meals to choose from. Are you receiving enough of what you need?

Lesson 6: Effort is required.

Are you putting forth enough effort?

We must exercise for at least 5 hours each week at a high level. This is a problem that the majority of individuals face. Most workout equipment should be avoided because they are either too simple or too uncomfortable. Increase your torso strength. As much as possible, use free weights. Become a part of a prescribed program. Choose a weight that you can lift for all of the sets and stay with it. Put yourself to the test.

As one customer put it,

“I know most people claim they love lifting, but try disliking it so badly that you discover a new passion for it. I like how it completely changes your body.”

It’s simple to browse blogs, read publications, and talk about getting in shape. The difficult thing is actually doing it.

Lesson 7: There’s a lot of information out there.

Throw away your preconceived “knowledge” and go back to what got you to where you are now: eating less junk food and exercising consistently and intensely.

People enjoy reading about how “Joe” survives on milk, cottage cheese, and eggs in “Joe Fitness” magazine articles. Then they pick up another magazine the next month to check how “Jane Fitness” enjoys her oatmeal. Then it’s on to another diet book that extols the testosterone-boosting advantages of fat consumption. You’ll be eating fatty pieces of meat, bags of cereals, dairy, and eggs before you realize it.

Do you have a habit of gathering pieces of knowledge that are useful to others? Train hard and go back to eating healthy foods in moderation. If something isn’t working, unlearn it. The customer who initially sought assistance, as described at the beginning of this post, said the following:

“I lose less weight the more I learn.”

Lesson 8: Work that requires a lot of energy

Some individuals just do not move enough. Find a job that requires a lot of energy and that you can handle. It won’t work if you can’t stay with it. It doesn’t matter whether you walk, cycle, hike, swim, or participate in sports. Just keep moving.

Lesson 9: Do you have any… powders?

Some individuals are addicted to powder. Do you consume 6 scoops of protein powder on a daily basis? What about the morning powdered coffee creamer? Diet beverages that are powdered (like Crystal Light)? Chemicals are garbage. All of this adds up. Remove as much bogus things as possible. Consume actual food.

“Problem occurs between chair and keyboard,” as the computer tech support personnel explain. Don’t be the bottleneck in your own development. Break free from your own shackles!


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In this post, I’m going to share 9 powerful lessons I’ve learned and why they’ve helped me to become healthier and leaner. We all have our differences, but the fact remains: there’s only one thing that’s going to get you in the best shape of your life.. Read more about leaning out meaning and let us know what you think.

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